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Welcome to the Zaragozan Group of Paperfolding WebPage

We are a group of creators and folders of paper figures. We are called “Grupo Zaragozano de Papiroflexia” because most of us live in Zaragoza (Spain) and because we feel that we have inherited from the historic group of paper folders which was so called during the fifties and sixties in the last century. However, in this globalized XXI century the group has members coming from Aragón, the rest of Spain and the world.

We invite you to browse our site and to know our work and activities. And if you are in Zaragoza and you like origami, you can visit us. We meet at a café called “Levante” (calle Almagro and María Agustín, near Puerta del Carmen), every first and third Monday from 20 to 22. Anyway, if by any chance we are not there, you can see some of the figures we have folded in a showcase near the entrance of the café.


El Último Vals

goyo writes "Hoy la figura que quiero mostrar es The Last Waltz de Neal Elias. Desde la primera vez que la ví entraron ganas de doblarla hasta que hoy fue ese gran día, como siempre en compañia que es como mejor se dobla. Una figura que empieza con un rectangulo de 1X3. Aunque luego hay que modificar las proporciones para que quede un 3X23.

Posted by inky on Martes, agosto 18 @ 19:14:46 CEST (603 reads)
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La figura del mes de Anthony.
Temas generales del grupo

anthony writes "
Este mes nuestra figura es la "Cartoon frog" de Nicolas Terry, que aparece en su primer libro "Passion Origami".

Posted by inky on Jueves, julio 30 @ 23:01:00 CEST (770 reads)
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Preparation of aluminium and tissue paper

goyo writes "Every figure needs its paper. Every folder selects the type of paper which best fits the figure that he is going to fold. As a project for the exhibition I was asked to fold a number of dragons. The model I have chosen is the one by Hojyo Takashi. For this dragon I will use a combination of aluminium foil (the one we use for the oven) and tissue paper (regular colour napkins).
The tissue paper is difficult to fold because the folds do not hold. They tend to disappear and there are no clear traces of them.
The aluminium foil behaves in exactly the opposite way; once a fold is made it stays forever.
I think I have to mention here a young Spanish folder who uses aluminium to make his beautiful works of art in a completely new style: Victor Coerlouoy
Posted by inky on Domingo, julio 12 @ 19:14:49 CEST (796 reads)
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La figura del mes de Anthony.
Temas generales del grupo

Anthony writes "
Me tomo la molestia de inaugurar este apartado para hablar sobre figuras de diversos autores; qué papel he utilizado, cuál creo que es el más adecuado, etc...

La figura de este mes es el caballo de Román Díaz:

Posted by inky on Jueves, julio 02 @ 11:24:57 CEST (1361 reads)
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Molecula ADN
Reuniones Grupo Zaragozano

Anonimo writes "

A las cinco estábamos ahí, como clavos, Israel y este cronista, o sea yo, o sea Luisfer. Pedimos la llave del aula 1, que no teníamos reservada, pero dio igual, y subimos. Pusimos un par de mesas y salimos a ver, porque oímos voces. Allí llegaba el resto: Goyo, Jorge, Joaquín y, al poco, Rocío.


Posted by inky on Martes, junio 30 @ 23:21:31 CEST (918 reads)
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Reunión en Riglos.
Reuniones Grupo Zaragozano

Anthony writes "
Nueva aventura del Grupo Zaragozano de Papiroflexia. Está vez ha sido en Riglos, en la casita que tiene Carlos Pomarón y su mujer Jose alli. Estupendas vistas, estupendas estancia, estupendos anfitriones y estupenda compañia.
Por supuesto doblamos y sobre todo pensamos, decidimos ,acordamos y gestionamos tareas que tenemos que hacer para la exporigami.

Posted by inky on Miércoles, junio 24 @ 00:09:10 CEST (930 reads)
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Pajaritas enjauladas en la feria del libro de Huesca
Temas generales del grupo

josean writes "Con motivo de la XXVI edición de la feria del libro de Huesca que se celebra del 29 de mayo al 7 de junio de 2009 en el Parque Miguel Servet de Huesca, los artistas ÁngeL Gonzalvo y Cándido del Puente han realizado una obra homenaje a Ramón Acin:

Posted by inky on Jueves, junio 04 @ 16:48:16 CEST (596 reads)
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goyo writes "
Desde el pasado 17 de abril se viene desarrollando en algunas bibliotecas de Zaragoza el taller:

Papiroflexia y Astronomía: Universo de Papel.

Semana de las letras

Elaborado para niños a partir de 9 años (y menores acompañados de un adulto) pero abierto a todas las edades en general.

Posted by inky on Viernes, mayo 22 @ 11:43:40 CEST (353 reads)
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International Paperfolding Exhibition 2009

goyo writes "The Zaragozan Paperfolding Group is preparing the first international exhibition in the city of Zaragoza next autumn.This exhibition has the great merit of being the first international exhibition of paperfolding in Spain and is thus a great challenge and inspiration for our group.
Here below you will find some documents giving an introduction to the event and explaining how you can participate in it.

a: Información sobre la Exporigami 2009
Invitación a Exporigami 2009
Information about Exporigami 2009
Invitation to Exporigami 2009
Posted by inky on Sábado, febrero 21 @ 20:45:51 CET (773 reads)
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leidygra writes "
At the end of the past year I did my first paperfolding workshop. It was such an experience!

  taller de papiroflexia


Posted by inky on Martes, enero 13 @ 21:47:07 CET (1238 reads)
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Christmas Dinner 2008
Temas generales del grupo

On Friday 26th we celebrated our christmas dinner. As it is a tradition of the Zaragozan Group, we met at the Chinese Restaurant “Bella Ciudad”.

Here you can see the picture of the group:

 and some more pictures of the dinner and the drinks after the dinner…
Posted by flexiball on Lunes, diciembre 29 @ 17:43:36 CET (758 reads)
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Meetings at the Centro Universidad and café Levante
Temas generales del grupo

Summary written by Ana Helena, of the meetings held in November at Centro U niversidad (Sunday 16th) and café Levante (Monday 17th)

Posted by flexiball on Martes, noviembre 18 @ 16:33:53 CET (2020 reads)
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Taller de papiroflexia en la ASZA
Temas generales del grupo

flexiball writes "On Saturday 01/11/2008 a paperfolding workshop was held in the ASZ (the Association of Deaf people in Zaragoza).

Felipe Moreno taught a dozen of participants how to fold various figures including a cup, a windmill, a modular cube, a mushroom and a box.


Posted by inky on Domingo, noviembre 02 @ 23:29:39 CET (3169 reads)
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Envío de figuras a los Príncipes de Asturias
Temas generales del grupo

flexiball writes "
These are the figures sent on Tuesday , October the 21st to the Princes of Asturias.

The box contained short stories, modulars, rings, earrings, toys, dwarfs, swans, flowers, ...

This is a small sample of figures that can help to understand the variety that exists nowadays in the world of paperfolding.
We hope it will be appreciated in the Royal House. We would love the Princes and their daughters to get into paperfolding. That's why we included some short stories that the princes Leonor can read and some paper earrings that both the princess and her daughters can wear.

Posted by inky on Martes, octubre 21 @ 17:29:36 CEST (2968 reads)
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La Princesa Letizia con el Flexiball
Temas generales del grupo

flexiball writes "
On Thursday, 8th September 2008 the Princes of Asturias visited the Expo of Zaragoza. They went pass the COE (Operations Centre of the Expo), the place where I work and where I have installed a mini exhibition of origami. Her Royal Highness the Princess Letizia looked interested in a swan made with 
Chinese modules, so I approached her and showed her how the modules were folded.
The Princes, together with the president of Aragón, Marcelino Iglesias, and the president of the Expo, Roque Grau, congratulated me for the models that they saw in this mini exhibition.

As a souvenir of this visit I gave the Princess Letizia one of the most famous of my models: the flexiball, which she carried in her hands for the rest of the visit as you can see in the picture.

Posted by inky on Lunes, septiembre 08 @ 09:36:00 CEST (2729 reads)
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The Lighthouse (El Faro)
Temas generales del grupo

goyo writes "
The meeting at the Lighthouse was much better than we expected. There is room for 150 people and the place was full. What's more, the corridors were also full of people who stopped to watch our mates folding their models.
Luis Fernando was in charge of doing the talking while Carlos, Felipe and José Angel showed their magic.

Grupo Faro
Posted by inky on Miércoles, agosto 27 @ 00:31:55 CEST (3669 reads)
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Sweddish Pavillion
Temas generales del grupo

goyo writes "
We have finished the workshop at the EXPO. As we said, we had been invited by the Swedish Pavillion to give some origami lessons to the visitors of this nice pavilion. To make the classes more appealing, Israel told some paperfolding-stories. These are some of the figures we folded:

  • the crane
  • the clippers
  • the kissing lips
  • the fish
  • the sailboat
  • the jumping frog
  • the origami bird ("pajarita")
  • and some others that I don't remember.

Posted by inky on Martes, agosto 19 @ 13:38:30 CEST (3283 reads)
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Folding for Peace in Pillar Square on August 6th
Temas generales del grupo

Flexiball writes "
On Wednesday August 6th the Virgin of the Pillar will wear again our paper cloak.
It is the anniversary of the attack with an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan. In this city there is a park where there is a monument to Sadako, the girl who died of Leukemia as a consequence of the radiations from the bomb. Each year, an offering of paper cranes takes place near this monument.
To join the  celebration of the International Day for Peace, the members of the Zaragozan Paperfolding Group will be at the Pillar Square folding cranes and paper birds with all those who want to join us. We will meet at the terrace of "El Real", at the end of Alfonso I Street, from 10 to 13 and from 6 to 9 in the evening.
You are al welcome to participate.

Posted by inky on Martes, julio 29 @ 12:49:25 CEST (684 reads)
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ExpoPapel I
Temas generales del grupo

goyo writes "
In the middle of the Expo Zaragoza 2008, I (Gregorio Pérez Reina) met Jorge Pardo and Belén Garrido. We went to see some of the pavilions. We took advantage of the long queues to take some photos and fold some models, calling the attention of the people around us.

Jorge, Belén y Gregorio

Posted by inky on Jueves, julio 24 @ 13:41:20 CEST (3069 reads)
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Un trocito de historia
Temas generales del grupo

goyo writes "
Our mate Carlos Pomarón has given us a cutting from a 1982 newspaper. In this clipping, which appeared 26 years ago, the Zaragozan Group of Paperfolding is mentioned. If you continue reading (see complete text below), you’ll see that the history of the group is far from recent, but we keep on maintaining traditions such as meeting on Mondays at the bar “Levante”, though the frequency of such meetings has varied.
“Paperfolding, a hobby that goes from ability to art”

I want to seize the opportunity to thank all the people who have at any time been part of this mythical group and have contributed to keep it alive.

Keep on reading and you’ll find the entire text.
Posted by inky on Jueves, julio 17 @ 00:09:03 CEST (2083 reads)
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Papiroflexia en bibliotecas

josean writes "

Durante parte del verano he estado y estaré haciendo papiroflexia en algunas de las bibliotecas de Zaragoza y sus barrios periféricos. Las próximas son

Biblioteca de Luis del Val (Valdefierro) - 8 julio Martes
Fernando Lázaro Carreter - 9 julio Miercoles

Biblioteca de Movera - 10 julio Jueves
Biblioteca Benjamín Jarnés - 11 julio Viernes

Todas ellas a las 12 de la mañana, durante una hora, y se aprende a hacer el fluvi además de otras papirolas:

El resto de bibliotecas en las que se ha dado el taller han sido:

Posted by inky on Martes, julio 08 @ 07:58:58 CEST (490 reads)
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Con X de PapirofleXia
Temas generales del grupo

goyo writes "

Nuestro compañero Felipe Moreno nos hace llegar este anuncio en el que la Papiroflexia es el tema principal.

Con X de Mixta

Esto me recuerda que existen muchas peliculas, videos, anuncios, sketch, ....

Os animo a poner en los comentarios los que recordeis y si la teneis o no.

Posted by inky on Sábado, julio 05 @ 11:00:52 CEST (362 reads)
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Visita de Paula Versnick a Zaragoza
Temas generales del grupo

josean writes "

La pasada semana pudimos gozar de la visita de la gran Paula Versnick y de su simpatico acompañante Gerard, que habian venido a Zaragoza a visitar la EXPO y tambien a ver Huesca y  todo lo relacionado con las pajaritas que hubiese alli, como las pajaritas de Ramon Acin que hay en el parque. Estuvimos cenando con ellos la noche del 15 en restaurante chino, 'el chino de siempre', y nos obsequiaron a cada uno de nosotros con una cajta de papel diseñada por Paula para la ocasion, llamada "Zaragoza Box", que tenia en el interior un cortador, un souvenir holanes y el CP de la cajita. Tambien nos dedico su libro sobre origami en Holanda.

Al dia siguiente era lunes de reunion en el Cafe Levante, y despues de haber pasado el dia en la expo, vinieron ala reunion y plegaron con nosotros. Aqui una foto de la reunion.

Un saludo desde a Paula y Gerard.



Posted by inky on Lunes, junio 23 @ 01:00:25 CEST (420 reads)
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Visita de Paula Versnick a Zaragoza
Temas generales del grupo

flexiball writes "A mediados de Junio recibiremos la vista en Zaragoza de Paula.
Vendrá a la reunión del Café Levante el lunes 16 de Junio.
Podeis entrar en su página Web para saber más de ella:"
Posted by inky on Sábado, mayo 31 @ 23:22:57 CEST (410 reads)
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Convencion de Leon
Temas generales del grupo

goyo writes "

Hemos vuelto de la Convencion de Leon. Aqui os muestro la foto del Grupo Zaragozano. Sabemos que nos faltan algunos de nuestros miembros que no pudieron asistir a la convencion. Pero ellos estan tranquilos por que les enseñaremos todo lo que aprendimos, y no se nos ha olvidado ;-).

Hemos vuelto con ganas de seguir trabajando en el grupo coordinados por nuestro presidente Felipe Moreno

Como podeis observar en la foto tenemos al gran Roman Diaz.

A la increible Claudine Pisasale con sus tecnicas de doblado

Foto del Grupo Zaragozano de Papiroflexia

En la seccion de Miembros del Grupo teneis el nombre e informacion del resto , incluso de los que no vinieron

Posted by inky on Martes, mayo 06 @ 22:32:42 CEST (2662 reads)
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